Greater Santa Barbara Ice Skating Association

Board of Directors

Jack Norqual
Board Chair
Bryce Wendel
Steve Heinze
Andy Katsev
John Ewasiuk
Dr. Hod Dunbar
Howard Hudson
Alison Juricek
Kathy Mintzer

ES opening day    

Ed Snider at Ice in Paradise on Opening Day, October 10, 2015                           Ed Snider with the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team, Montecito, CA, January 2016

April 11, 2016 - 

We are saddened by the passing of our friend and fellow Board Member of Ice in Paradise, Ed Snider. He battled cancer for two years but was always there for us when we needed his help to make Ice in Paradise happen.

We were fortunate to have had Ed Snider involved with the fundraising and the building of Ice in Paradise – an effort to bring ice skating to the Greater Santa Barbara area. As the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team and the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Organization in Philadelphia, he was a perfect fit for our effort to bring ice skating to the Santa Barbara community. After an initial meeting with Mr. Snider, we were inspired to hear him say “I’m going to help you.” And he did. The Snider Rink in Ice in Paradise will always be with us to remember Ed Snider – and he will always be missed.