Community Outreach

Community Outreach
Mission Statement
Ice in Paradise is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit public benefit corporation and as such, our philosophy is "Ice is for the Entire Community."  It is an important part of our mission to price our Public Sessions, Skating School, Figure Skating and Hockey Programs very reasonably in an effort to make ice sports affordable for everyone.   
Community Outreach
Ice in Paradise is committed to making sure every on-ice activity we offer is made available to everyone.   
Free Access:  The general public is welcome to visit and enjoy our upper and lower viewing areas, lobby, and restaurant at all times when we are open, free of charge.  In addition, students and others can use our study room on the mezzanine level for quiet reading or study time.   
Affordable Pricing:  Skate sessions and equipment rentals are always affordably priced, and are comparable to seeing a movie or bowling.  Public donations and grants make it possible for us to offer this to all.   
Financial Assistance:  Ice in Paradise's Community Benefit Committee meets regularly to award financial assistance to those who have difficultly affording ice recreation.  Information about our Financial Assistance Request Process can be found here and the Financial Assistance Application is available here.
Discounts for Nonprofit Groups: Ice in Paradise works directly with other nonprofit groups to help them participate in ice sports.  We offer discounts to groups such as elementary, junior high, and high schools, in addition to churches, the Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc., the Santa Barbara Ice Hawks, etc.  These groups and others have benefited from reduced rates and special programs specifically designed for them.  For more information please contact Ice in Paradise's General Manager, Larry Bruyere at or call 805-879-1550.   
Making Ice Hockey Affordable:  Ice in Paradise encourages new participation in our hockey programs by offering FREE hockey equipment to people just getting started.  We have a great network of people who have donated their pre-owned hockey equipment for this purpose.  In return, we have this wonderful resource to help new potential hockey players who might not be able to afford a full set of new hockey equipment get started quickly.   
Collaboration with the NHL to Offer Hockey to Children 8 years old and underIce in Paradise has collaborated with the NHL Hockey Team, the L.A. Kings, to offer the Lil' Kings Hockey Program for children 8 years of age and under.  Children receive a full set of NEW hockey equipment and 6 weeks of instruction (classes) for a nominal fee.  This program has been VERY well received and has grown exponentially every year.   
Relationship with USA HOCKEY and The USA Hockey Foundation:  Ice in Paradise is  very fortunate to have a strong relationship with USA Hockey and The USA Hockey Foundation.  These groups have donated dozens of small hockey sticks for beginners and will continue to do so as our needs dictate.  Ice in Paradise takes great pride in seeing the smile and joy of a young skater getting ready to play hockey!   
Adaptive Recreation for those with Disabilities:  Ice in Paradise recently launched its "Sled Hockey Program."  It was the vision of our founders to be able to offer adaptive ice sports to those with disabilities.  Our NHL ice rink was designed with special doors and viewing windows to allow sled hockey players the ability to see and navigate on and off the ice.  Ice in Paradise currently has a dozen sleds for anyone to try and are designed to allow people with disabilities to their legs the opportunity to play hockey.